Dr. Michelle Danyluk

Dr. Michelle Danyluk

Program Emphasis

Research focuses on microbial food safety and quality, emphasizing the microbiology of fruit juices, fresh fruits and vegetables and tree nuts. Extension Specialist for citrus processing issues - work with processors and packers to enhance quality, safety and value of processed citrus products.


Ph.D.  2006.  Food Science - Specialization Microbiology, University of California, Davis

M.S.  2002.  Food Microbiology - University of Georgia, Athens

B.Sc.  2000.  Biological Sciences - Specialization Microbiology, University of Alberta, Edmonton


Food Safety and Microbiology

Past Positions

Post Doctoral Researcher 2006.  University of California, Davis

Research Assistant 2002-2005.  University of California, Davis

Research Assistant 2000-2002.  University of Georgia

Refereed Papers

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