Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMAs)

Citrus Health Management Areas

CHMA Sectional Mapping Program

The CHMA Sectional Mapping Program is intended to provide growers and industry professional with an interactive perspective of the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) pressure throughout the state. ACP scouting being conducted by the USDA-APHIS and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services began in August of 2011. Over 6,000 blocks are scouted every 3 weeks throughout Florida.

The CHMA Sectional Mapping Program displays the Township, Range, and Section (TRS) of the groves being scouted by the regulatory agencies. Each TRS is unique in location and ACP pressure. The ACP pressure can change between each 3 week cycle. The ACP counts collected by regulatory agencies are sorted according to TRS and then an average is created. The average ACP count is plotted on to the interactive TRS map.

The maps will allow growers and industry professionals to identify areas within each CHMA that are under high ACP pressure. Once an area with high ACP pressure is identified, corrective action can be taken.

The CHMA Sectional Mapping Program will be updated every 3 weeks with new data. The maps begin in August 2011 and continue through the most current cycle.