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Literature on Hurricanes

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Hurricane and Drainage Publications (alphabetical by author)

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Weed Control

Erickson, Clair G.  1996.  Management of Glyphosate-related fruit drop.  Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society 109:40-42.  PDF

EDIS Documents

The Potential Correlation between Natural Disasters and Cuba's Agricultural Performance, José Alvarez

Hurricane Dennis' Impact on Cuban Agriculture

William A. Messina, Jr. and Thomas H. Spreen

Citrus Reset Management, L.K. Jackson
Topics: Citrus Cultural Practices, CITRUS

Citrus Reset Analysis, Ronald P. Muraro and Fritz M. Roka

Caring for Hurricane-Damaged Home Landscape Plants, Robert J. Black

Detention/Retention for Citrus Stormwater Management
Brian Boman, Chris Wilson, Mark Jennings, and Sanjay Shukla

Citrus Rootstocks and Their On-Site Evaluation, William S. Castle and James J. Ferguson

Environmental Acts and Regulatory Agencies Affecting Citrus Groves in Florida
Michael T. Olexa, Brian J. Boman, and Scott L. Hall
Topics: Citrus Water Management, Environmental Law

Safe Handling and Use of Pesticides for the Commercial Citrus Grove Operator, J.L. Knapp, H.N. Nigg and O.N. Nesheim

Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide 2007