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Citrus Economics


Evolution of Citrus Disease Management Programs and Their Economic Implications:
The Case of Florida's Citrus Industry

"since 2003/04, the cost of the foliar spray program alone increased by almost 260%"

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Summary of Three Incentive Programs Available to Florida Citrus Growers

"programs provide incentives for Florida citrus growers to establish or re-establish citrus groves, remove abandoned citrus acreage, and replant new citrus trees."

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Impact of Citrus Greening on Citrus Operations in Florida

"the current percentage of HLB-infected acres and HLB-infected trees in a citrus operation in Florida are 90% and 80%"

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What is the Economic Benefit of Citrus Health Management Areas (CHMAs)?

"yields of blocks located in a best class CHMA were significantly higher compared to those located in a moderate class CHMA."

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Tree Assistance Program for Florida Citrus Greening

"In this example, the total TAP payment is $274.10 per acre."

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