University of Florida

Foliar Fungal Diseases

Currently the emphasis of our extension program is on citrus canker and greening. Those diseases represent serious threat to the Florida citrus industry. As such they are covered in separate websties. Click here for general information about Citrus Canker. For information on the use of windbreaks for control of citrus canker, see Windbreaks for Citrus. The website for management of greening and citrus psyllids is here.

The remainder of our, extension program is focused primarily on controlling foliar fungal diseases to improve yield and quality of fruit of Florida citrus. We assist growers in implementing cultural and chemical control programs through meetings statewide, popular articles, and the Citrus Disease Hotline. In addition, we diagnose problems ranging fruit blemishes and decays to tree declines and provide recommendations for dealing with Phytophthora diseases, tristeza, blight and other problems.

Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide Refer to this Guide for BMPs to maintain and control pest populations. More...