Transformation Lab

Processing and Packinghouse Pilot Plant


The CREC Processing Pilot Plant contains most of the equipment necessary to perform studies related to citrus, beverage, and by-products processing. Included are the operations of fruit washing and sizing, state test extraction, juice extraction and finishing, centrifugation, evaporation, pasteurization and filtration. Research capabilities are available to support the studies of the scientists and for cooperative industry projects.

Fresh fruit pilot plant facilities are available for degreening, packing-line treatment and storage studies of citrus and other produce. Automated equipment has been incorporated in to the packing-line to size and sort fresh fruit by color, density and blemish criteria. Multiple temperature controlled rooms are available for experiments on fresh citrus and other commodities.

For more information about the pilot plant or to schedule use please contact the Pilot Plant Manager, Roy Sweeb (; 863-956-8869)

For more information about the fees associated with pilot plant use please see: