Business Office

Instructions for the online training class for pcard:

Pcard training is accessible in MyUFL - https://my.ufl.edu/ps/signon.html. Once logged into MyUFL from the drop down menu go to My Self Service, training & development, and then myTraining.

Once in the training module go to the activity search field and type in the class # you need to enroll in. Example: PST975 – enter the class # and click the REGISTER button. After you have completed the class, you will take a test. You will need to pass the test in order to get your pcard.

Complete PST975, what every cardholder needs to know, for commodities, also complete PST077 and for travel PST076.

Once the Pcard training is completed and passed, the cardholder agreement and Pcard application forms will need to be filled out and returned to the business office.

**There is also a refresher course called PST974 Pcard Refresher for Cardholders. This course needs to be renewed by current cardholders once every two years. This course is in lieu of the three full-length courses (PST975, PST076, and PST077) that are initially required to obtain a Pcard.**

PCard Activation:

  • Call the number located on the white sticker on the front of the card to activate the card and select your own PIN.
  • The verification ID is the number 0 followed by your UFID.
  • The PCard billing phone number Is Gainesville's 352-392-1331.
  • The zip code is CREC- LAKE ALFRED zip, 33850.
  • To change or reset PIN call the number on the back of the card and follow the prompts.

PCard Forms:

Upon completion of training the business office will assist in filling out and explaining the necessary forms; you can also print them below-

As a reminder: Purchasing cards (PCard) are to be used for official, state-related purposes. Purchases must follow appropriate state laws and guidelines and be made with reasonable judgment.

For questions regarding the official purpose of a purchase or the use of the purchasing card itself, contact:

  • CREC Business Office Staff
  • Purchasing (352) 392-1331, ext. 320
  • Purchasing Help Desk ext. 305