CREC Alerts

Past CREC Alerts

  • Server Upgrade will Start Next week  March 24 thru the 26 there will be brief down time and include network printing  and notice will  be sent to reboot machines  We recommend Personnel  that Map to server to manually ,disconnect  Drives the night prior so no interruptions.
  • April 1, 2015 there will be 30 min network maintenance starting 10:30 PM this will effect internet to Center!
  • On 3/2/2014 -  6am -9am UFIT’s DNS/DHCP/NTP services will be upgraded to improve redundancy in hardware, connectivity and electrical power. More info click here. 
  • When it comes to preventing identity theft, the best defense is a strong offense. The University of Florida Privacy Office developed a presentation to help the UF community protect themselves against identity theft.  More info click here.
  • Critical Patch for Apple Mobile Devices - iPhone owners were notified on Friday, February 21, about a software update available that includes a fix for a security bug in its iOS software. The issue: current Apple iOS software has a problem recognizing digital certificates used by banking sites, Gmail, Facebook, and other encrypted connections.  Please share this information with your department’s Apple device users:   If they are using an Apple device on a public Wi-Fi, hackers can exploit the encryption problem and intercept email, financial passwords, and other personal information—they should immediately install the latest updates. (    Apple is working on a patch for their OS X used in Mac desktops and laptops.  For more information visit UFIT News:
  • For UF students only there is pilot program available to run expensive apps on your personal laptop at information and technical support is available via UF website.
  • We are beginning to collect electronic equipment for recycling.  If you have obsolete equipment like computer peripherals, hand-held devices, office or laboratory electronic items that you would like to discard, please place them on one of the pallets inside the Degreening Room near the south west corner of the packinghouse.  Please bring all computers to our department for recycling.  Contact Perry Love if the item that you wish to recycle contains a UF property inventory sticker.  Equipment with refrigerant must be evacuated first before it can be recycled.Projected pick-up date will be around mid-March.

  • There is a new Virus which is a part of what is called Ransomware. 
  • CREC ISD Help request form now available.
  • The Old CREC domain is now off.