Ramsomeware Virus

There is a new Virus which is a part of what is called Ransomware. 

  1. The Ramsomeware takes control of PC and/or Data in exchange for a FEE ! 
  2. This new Ransomware is called Cryptolocker.
  3. The problem with this virus is that you don’t know it’s running until after the damage is done. ( after you click on the link or attachment )

Please be aware that if you get this virus by clicking on the attachment, I WILL NOT be able to help you.  Only your wallet will :-(.   They will grab all your data on the computer and encrypt the data so it cannot be read.  The virus producers hold the key to un-encrypting the data.  They will release the key for a FEE.

I highly advice to keep backups of your data !!!

To avoid this…… Please:

  1. Do not click on any unsolicited links
  2. Do not open any unsolicited attachments, even if they look legit
  3. If the link or attachment comes from a known email, you may still need to check if it looks weird.
  4. If you have a current virus infection, please get it cleaned quickly.