Proxy Server Access

CREC Library

On-Line Access Most of the electronic journals offered are from 1997 to the present.  There are also some journals which do have electronic access, but do not recognize our IP range.  For these we have to login through a proxy server located in GNV and retrieve the article.  Your first clue to this problem may be that even though an electronic link is shown, you get a username password screen from the journal site.

Click for Proxy Server Access

You may also be asking for a year that is out of the subscription range that GNV is paying for.  The only Database that is not presently available through our IP is Journal Citation Reports. 

To use this connection you must have a Gator 1 card (activated with the library system and a 14 digit code starting with 200...) or a Gator Link account.

Once you have established the link you should be able to access all bibliographic and electronic journal sites.