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Florida Citrus: A Comprehensive Guide

Florida Citrus: A Comprehensive Guide
- SP278

D. P. H. Tucker, S. H. Futch, E. Stover and M. Ziegler

Florida citrus is a multi-billion dollar industry and a vital part of the state's economy.  Due to recent, devastating hurricanes, freezes, and diseases the industry is in flux.  This book provides the information citrus industry management needs to make sound future-orientated decisions.


Management Practices for Young Citrus Trees in Florida

Management Practices for Young Citrus Trees in Florida
$5.00 -

J.J. Ferguson and F.S. Davies

Young tree care is a critical phasse of growth development for Florida growers. This book gives an overview of the major production practices and problems associated with growing young citrus trees in commercial groves during the first three years after planting. Topics include tree selection and planting; irrigation; fertilization; cold protection; and weed, pest and disease control, with emphasis placed on the most current economical and environmentally sound production practices. 20 pp.

Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide

Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide
$12.00 -

W. S. Castle and D. P. H. Tucker

This handy wheel provides comparative rankings of grapefruit, sweet orange, and mandarin scions budded onto 19 citrus rootstocks with 19 factors, such as salinity, drought, and various kinds of diseases and disorders. An invaluable field aid for the citrus grower and manager.

Healthy Trees in a New Era

Proceedings from a Short Course held on April 15-16, 2003 at the Citrus REC in Lake Alfred (edited by Pete Timmer).

Keeping Foliar Diseases Out of the Nursery; Keeping Soil-borne Diseases Out of the Nursery; Keeping Soil-borne Insects Out of the Nursery; Keeping Budwood Free of Systemic Pathogens; Keeping Exotic Citrus Diseases Out of Florida and Nurseries

Field Guide to Soil Identification for Florida's Citrus-Growing Regions
- SP362

by Mace G. Bauer, William S. Castle, Brian J. Boman, Thomas A. Obreza

The Field Guide to Soil Identification for Florida’s Citrus-Growing Regions is a user-friendly, practical field guide for the classification and identification of soils in central and southern Florida.

Making this a functional guide for working in the field are 74 color photographs of soil types, 5 weatherproof laminated soil identification keys, and an original 10YR Munsell Soil Identification chart. All materials are provided in a three-ring binder for ease of use. 146p.


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Weeds of Southern Turfgrasses
- SP179

L. B. McCarty and D. L. Colvin
Easy to use, practical weed identification guide contains 427 color photographs of 193 weed species, with geographical range and life cycle descriptions. Included is a glossary of taxonomic terms. Indexed by common and scientific names. 208 pp.


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Water and Florida Citrus
- SP281

Edited by Brian J. Boman
This comprehensive guide provides growers, grove managers, and irrigation specialists with pertinent information on a wide range of water management topics, especially operation and maintenance of water management systems that minimize adverse environmental impacts while maintaining viable citrus production systems. Included are discussions on the physiological aspects of excess water and drought stress on citrus, sources of water supply, environmental and regulatory concerns, economic evaluations, and detailed sections on microirrigation system operation and maintenance. Other topics include soil-plant-water relationships, water table management, basic hydraulics, water measurement equipment and techniques, and pump and power unit selection, operation and maintenance. 604 pp.


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Identification of Mites, Insects, Diseases, Nutritional Symptoms and Disorders on Citrus
- SP176

S. H. Futch and L. K. Jackson

Pocket-sized set of 65 identification flash cards with 106 color photographs of the enemies of citrus and the damage they can cause. The laminated cards are held with a metal grommet for convenient use. Includes a handy English-to-metric conversion guide. For consumers and citrus industry professionals. 65 cards.


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Identification of Weeds in Florida Citrus
- SP341

Stephen H. Futch and David W. Hall

This publication has been developed to assist citrus growers and farmers with identifying commonly found weeds that may appear in various farming operations throughout Florida. Sixty-six weeds including broadleaf, grasses and sedges are highlighted by a color photo and list both common and scientific names. Indexes and cross references from scientific names to common names are also provided. Plant characteristics that aid in plant identification are highlighted and include: season of growth, stem, height, leaf shape, life cycle, flower, fruit and seed where applicable.


Citrus Growing in Florida
- SP465

Frederick S. Davies and Larry K. Jackson

This concise, comprehensive book combines the practical day-to-day aspects of citrus growing with underlying horticultural principles in a clear, easy-to-read style. Designed for both commercial growers and homeowners, the revisions in this edition cover new regulations, pests and diseases, issues in marketing and selling citrus, and best management practices for growing the tart, tangy, sweet, and juicy fruits that define the flavor of the Sunshine State.

Pathogens Infecting Insects and Mites of Citrus

Clayton W. McCoy, Robert A. Samson, Drion G. Boucias, Lance S. Osborne, Jorge E. Pena, and Lyle J. Bass

This book is a pictorial guide to the entomopathogens of phytophagous insects and mites found in and on all plant parts of citrus trees.