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Submitting Manuscripts

  1. Articles for Trade Journals and EDIS must be submitted to and approved by the Publications Committee and the CREC Center Director.
  2. Articles require a minimum of two peer reviews.  Authors should ask appropriate colleagues to review their article and complete a Manuscript Peer Review Form.
  3. After obtaining peer reviews, authors should submit the following package to Barbara Thompson, located in BHG - Room 121 (Library):
  • Online Extension Transmittal PDF Form (EDIS articles will also require a Manuscript Submittal Checklist for EDIS Authors"), reviewed article, with Peer Review Form attached.  Authors should clearly demonstrate that they have considered the Peer Reviewers' comments/suggestions (e.g., numerically listing responses to major points, highlighting text, or other means of clearly indicating changes).
  • One clean copy of the revised article.
  1. The articles are added to the Publications Spreadsheet, and a Data Sheet is created to record the progress of the manuscript.  A Committee Review Form will be created by Barbara Thompson and the package is then given to the Publications Committee Chairman (Dr. Joseph Noling).
  • The Publications Committee Chairman will examine reviewers' comments and author(s)' responses.  If satisfactory changes have been made, the package will be forwarded, through Barbara, to the Center Director for approval.  If the article has been significantly revised or if there were questions raised by the Peer Reviewer(s), the revised manuscript is subject to Committee Review.  Following Committee Review, the article may be returned to the senior author for further revision if necessary.  Authors should provide one revised copy of the article to the Publications Committee Chairman.
  • After the Publications Committee Chairman and the authors/reviewers are satisfied that the manuscript is acceptable for submission, the Manuscript Transmittal Form is signed by Dr. Noling and the CREC Director Dr. Michael Rogers.
  • When Barbara Thompson receives the signed copy from Dr. Rogers, she will send a copy back to the author with notification of approval for publication.     
    • Trade Journal articles will be sent by Barbara Thompson to Debora Bell in the UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Extension. ¬†At this time, the author can submit their article to the appropriate Trade Journal.
    • EDIS articles will be sent to the author and the author will submit the article plus the Manuscript Transmittal Form for EDIS Authors to their EDIS team. More in-depth instructions can be found at EDIS (Author information).