Work Orders

Welcome to the Word Processing website


1. To submit work requests via E-mail, send your computer files as e-mail attachments to Word Processing. Include specific instructions and a specific deadline in the body of the message.

To submit executable (.exe) files or files too large to send by e-mail, place files in shared folders on our network:
CREC\Wp-page\Shared Documents\Incoming from Faculty

Send instructions, including deadline, by e-mail to Word Processing. In turn, we will place current work in the "Outgoing to Faculty" folder. [Note: .exe files have been blocked from our e-mail server because they are often a means of transmitting computer viruses and cannot be e-mailed as attachments to us.] If you have problems accessing these folders, call us at Ext. 1331 or 1403.

. Files on diskette or handwritten material can be submitted to the Word Processing Department, "Administration" Building, Room 22, or placed in the Word Processing Mailbox in the Mailroom. Include a Work Request form with specific instructions and deadline. Blank work request forms are located in the Word Processing Department and in the Mailroom.

Please allow adequate lead time. Incidentally, we receive a large amount of work for the following: Faculty Accomplishment System (FAS) Reports, CRIS Reports, FDACS and FCPRAC Proposals, and Florida State Horticultural Society Proceedings manuscripts. To allow us time to meet these project deadlines, submit your work to Word Processing well in advance.