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Citrus Research and Education Center
Lake Alfred, Florida
Food Science
Phone: 863.956.8654
Fax (863) 956-4631
Email: mddanyluk@ufl.edu


Ph.D.  2006.  Food Science - Specialization Microbiology, University of California, Davis

M.S.  2002.  Food Microbiology - University of Georgia, Athens

B.Sc.  2000.  Biological Sciences - Specialization Microbiology, University of Alberta, Edmonton


Food Safety and Microbiology

Past Positions

Post Doctoral Researcher 2006.  University of California, Davis

Research Assistant 2002-2005.  University of California, Davis

Research Assistant 2000-2002.  University of Georgia


Research focuses on microbial food safety and quality, emphasizing the microbiology of fruit juices, fresh fruits and vegetables and tree nuts. Extension Specialist for citrus processing issues - work with processors and packers to enhance quality, safety and value of processed citrus products.

Refereed Papers

Cevallos-Cevallos, J.M., M.D. Danyluk, G. Gu, G.E. Vallad, A.H.C. van Bruggen.  Dispersal of Salmonella by rain splash onto tomato plants.  Journal of Food Protection.  Accepted, November 2011

Tomas-Callejas, A., G. Lopez-Velasco, A.M. Valadez, A. Sbodio, F. Artex-Hernandez, M.D. Danyluk, and T.V. Suslow.  Establishment of critical operating standards for chlorine dioxide in disinfection of dump tank and flume for fresh tomatoes.  Journal of Food Protection.  In Press

Teplitski, M., J.T. Noel, A. Alagely, and M.D. Danyluk.  Functional genomics studies shed light on the nutrition and gene expression of non-typhoidal Salmonella and enterovirulent E. coli in produce.  Food Research International.  In Press

Lambertini, E., M.D. Danyluk, D.W. Schaffner, C.K. Winter, and L.J. Harris.  Risk of salmonellosis from consumption of almonds in the North American Market.  Food Research International.  In Press

Bisha,B., A. Perez-Mendez, M.D. Danyluk, L.D. Goodridge.  2011.  Evaluation of modified Moore swabs and continuous flow centrifugation for concentration of Salmonella spp. and Escherichia coli O157:H7 from large volumes of water.  Journal of Food Protection.  74:1934-1937.

Perez-Cacho, P.R., M.D. Danyluk, and R. Rouseff.  2011.  GC-MS quantification and sensory thresholds of guaiacol in orange juice and the relationship between guaiacol and Alicyclobacillus.  Food Chemistry.  129:45-50

Cevallos-Cevallos, J.M., M.D. Danyluk, J. I. Reyes-De-Corcuera.  2011.  GC-MS Based Metabolomics for rapid detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella Typhimurium, Salmonella Muenchen and Salmonlla Hartford in beef and chicken.  Journal of Food Science.  76: M238-M246.

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Bansal, A., T. Jones, S. Abd, M.D. Danyluk, and L.J. Harris.  2010.  Most Probable Number Determination of Salmonella Levels in Naturally-Contaminated Raw Almonds Using Two Sample Preparation Methods.  J. Food Prot.  73:1986-1998

Durak, M.Z., J.J. Churey, M.D. Danyluk, R.W. Worobo.  2010.  Identification and Haplotype Distribution of Alicyclobacillus spp. from Different Juices and Beverages.  Int. J. Food Microbio.  142:286-291.

Spann, T.M. and Danyluk, M.D.  2010.  Mechanical harvesting increases leaf and stem debris in loads of mechanically harvested citrus fruit.  HortSci.  45:1297-1300.

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Du, W.-X., M.D. Danyluk, and L.J. Harris.  2010.  Efficacy of aqueous and alcohol-based quaternary ammonium sanitizers for reducing Salmonella in dusts generated in almond hulling and shelling facilities.  J. Food Sci..  75:M7-M13.

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Extension Publications

Danyluk, M.D., T.M. Spann, R. Rouseff, R.M. Goodrich-Schneider, C. Sims.  2011.  The Effects of Huanglongbing on Florida Oranges.  EDIS Publication FSHN11-08/FS169

Spann, T.M., R.A. Atwood, M.M. Dewdney, R.C. Ebel, R. Eshani, G. England, S.H. Futch, T. Gaver, T. Hurner, C. Oswalt, M.E. Rogers,
F.M. Roka, M.A. Ritenour, M. Zekri, B.J. Boman, K.R. Chung, M.D. Danyluk, R. Goodrich-Schneider, K.T. Morgan, R.A. Morris, R.P. Muraro, P. Roberts, R.E. Rouse, A.W. Schumann, P.A. Stansly, and L.L. Stelinski.  2010.  IFAS guidance for Huanglongbing (Greening) Management.  EDIS Publication HS1165

Teplitski, M., K. Schneider, and M.D. Danyluk.  2008.  Salmonella and Tomatoes: Q&A for consumers.  EDIS Publication SL263

Teplitski, M., K. Schneider, M.D. Danyluk and Claudio Gonzalez.  2008.  Salmonella y Tomatoes: preguntas y respuestas para los consumidores.  EDIS Publication SL263SP


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