Microscopy Lab

TEM Course Outline

May 15

Week 1 -*Fixation, dehydration and embedding in plastic.

May 22

Week 2 -*From blocks to staining.

Mounting and trimming samples, making glass knives and introduction to the microtome.

May 30

Week 3 -Making thick sections, staining for light microscopy, light microscope photography.

June 5

Week 4 -Making thin sections and staining for electron microscopy.

June 12

Week 5 -*Introduction to the transmission microscope (components of the TEM).

June 19

Week 6 –*Quick dips, negative staining, SSEM and gold labeling.

Using the digital and plate cameras, changing and developing film.

June 27

Week 7 -*Digital Imaging, Electron microscopy, and Photo Shop.

July 3

Week 8 –Break

July 10

Week 9 -Making coated grids and use of the vacuum evaporator.

July 17

Week 10 -Interpretation and critique of electron micrographs. Calibration and stigmation.

July 24

Week 11 -*TEM class questions.

Care and feeding of diamond knives.

July 31

Week 12 -Individual help with finishing projects.

*Lectures in Teaching Lab